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Medical emergencies can happen at anytime. If you are not prepared then you may find yourself in a situation unable to get help. Wearing a medical alert necklace at all times can be a live saving technique.


The necklace is a helpful piece of technology that works with a base unit. It has a button on the pendant that can be pressed in the case of any emergency. When the button is activated on the pendant, or the emergency button is pressed on the alert system a call for help is sent to an operator center. Here carefully trained employees answer calls, can assess the situation through a two way radio. The call for help is processed and medical, police, or fire officials are dispatched.


The benefits of wearing a medical alert necklace is that no matter where you are in the house, you will always be in reach of help. The necklace is even waterproof so you can wear it in the shower or while doing household chores. Aging adults, heart attack and stroke victims, Alzheimer's patients, and the physically or mentally disabled can all especially benefit having a medical alert necklace.


A hard part of introducing it is the user usually never buys the sytem for themselves. They tend to purchase it to ensure their peace of mind about their aging parents as an alternative to assisted living. The problem that comes with this is the patient's reluctance to wear the unslightly pendant. They may find the necklace to be obtrusive or unattractive, but now the necklaces come in many shapes and colors to suit your liking. Many even look like jewelry and people may not even realize you are wearing your medical alert necklace at all! Staying safe and protected all the time not only increases independence and confidence of the user, but their friends and family as well.




Our Senior Medical Alarm includes:


America's most trusted award winning monitoring center.


 Each base unit has a two way speaker for communication with the user.

 Alert response in under a minute


After our associates dispatch help they notify your pre selected friends, family and neighbors. .


 Each unit comes with a waterproof wireless transmitter that can be worn as either a necklace or a bracelet.

   The base unit comes with a backup battery for power outages.

   Free shipping. Our alert system is sent to you free of charge by standard ups delivery.


Our alert system couldn't be easier to install.

  Monitoring available in all 50 states.

   Quarterly, Monthly, Annual Plans, with no long term contracts needed.


We are proud to protect your family and loved ones across the entire United States.


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